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Created in 1931, ABC Foods is the founding company of the Group. The company has grown from the modest family grocery store in Port Louis to a major manufacturer and distributor of foods and cosmetic products in Mauritius. The cluster is today made up of two companies: Chue Wing & Co. and Oriental Foods.

Strategically located at Trianon, Chue Wing & Co. (ABC Foods) distributes brands such as Bakers, Yardley, Laser, Liguori, Aviko, Yeo's, Lenthéric, Dewlands, Emco and Molino Nicoli as well as several household favourites, namely Dolly Milk and Apollo Noodles. The company is also one of the appointed distributors of British American Tobacco (Mauritius) Ltd.

The second company of the cluster, Oriental Foods, manufactures Chinese and Oriental foodstuffs including soya sauce, chili sauces, canned prawns & spices with the technical expertise of Singaporean company Yeo Hiap Seng (Yeo’s).

ABC Foods currently employs 130 people and distributes its products to around 1,600 supermarkets and shops around the country.

  • ABC Foods (Chue Wing & Co. Ltd)
  • Oriental Foods Ltd
  • ABC Foods (Chue Wing & Co. Ltd)

    Trianon Avenue
    Tel: (230) 406-2100
    Fax: (230) 406-2109


    • Yeos
    • watsonia
    • Tablelands
    • bakers
    • Dolly
    • passionfroid
    • Napoli
    • Misbis
    • aviko
    • Dewlands
    • liguori
    • bala
    • Apollo
    • australian star
    • Extra
    • Good Hope
    • melbourne
    • avonmore
    • Ever Whip
    • Yardley
    • lenthéric
    • laser
    • Blue Diamond
    • Emco
    • Godiva
    • Miracle
    • Nicoli
  • Oriental Foods Ltd
    Cascavelle Road,
    Beaux Songes
    Tel: (230) 452-0112
    Fax: (230) 452-0090